WELCOME TO LUXFORT: A Journey of Thoughtful Design

por Tristan Bower

It's been a long journey, but we've finally arrived. Our focus at Luxfort is offering high-quality, thoughtfully designed pieces that not only look and feel great but also serve a practical purpose. Utility is often overlooked in fashion, but it is a crucial aspect for us - something we consider from ideation to release.

Whether it's using durable fabrics and riveted pockets or designing thoughtfully with traditional workwear in mind (such as our signature canvas silhouette), we always look to prioritise function. As we like to remind ourselves, "before we design something, we seek inspiration. And we are inspired by the world of craftsmen and makers." Luxfort sets out to be worn in a variety of settings in people's daily lives - from the workshop to the weekend.

Starting a clothing brand independently is no easy task, but we are committed to our vision and believe in what we're doing. We have been very encouraged by all the positive reception we have received so far we and greatly appreciate your support. Needless to say, we are excited for the year ahead.


Tristan & Nick