Woven Threads: How the Apron Became Central to Luxfort's DNA

by Tristan Bower

Growing up, I consistently observed my father, Nick Bower, view the world through a distinctive lens. As the former creative head of streetwear giant Stüssy, he possessed a unique perspective on design. One day in 2017, I watched him layer an apron over a Stussy crewneck sweatshirt, seamlessly merging functionality with everyday fashion. This moment not only highlighted his inventive mindset but also showcased his appreciation for the apron's utilitarian design. From this spark, Luxfort was conceived.

To Nick, the apron wasn't just a garment but a canvas bearing silent tales of dedication and craft. Its subtle reliability and muted presence in kitchens and workshops spoke volumes. It wasn't about flaunting design but showcasing raw, genuine simplicity. Each fold and seam represented stories of artisans and creators, emphasizing unwavering commitment to their craft.

The apron epitomized the essence of workwear for him – a seamless blend of design and function. Post his journey with Stüssy, the understated reliability of the apron captivated him. It echoed a shift in his design philosophy, moving towards pieces that were artfully crafted, uncomplicated, yet exceptionally functional. Together, as we shaped Luxfort's ethos, we sought to marry comfortable everyday wear staples with hands-on functionality, embedded in the world of passionate work and art.

Our design inspirations, oscillating between Parisian finesse and Californian laid-back charm, shine through in Luxfort's offerings. Crafted in Porto, each product, be it jackets, over shirts, or sweatshirts, pays tribute to professions such as painting, blacksmithing, and gardening.

In today's dynamic and oversaturated fashion landscape, my father and I have consistently prioritized authentic storytelling over ephemeral trends. Co-founding Luxfort has afforded me an intimate glimpse into the apron's metamorphosis, tracing its historical lineage to its contemporary avatar. With Luxfort®, our mission is to propagate this narrative, emphasizing the essence of genuine craftsmanship in each product we curate.

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